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Why are Papuans angry at migrants?




By Natalius Pigai, Defender of the Weak / Commissioner of the National Commission on Human Rights 2012-2017

I write this article based on the reality faced by the people of Papua for 57 years. I was born in a remote place in the interior of Papua, the center of war and conflict. Eventually, I became an activist in the struggle for civil rights and reached the peak of my career as a commissioner of the 2012-2017 Indonesian Human Rights Commission. Today I am still active as a humanitarian activist.

Since I was a child, I have seen, monitored, listened and recorded all the contents that were checked directly to the people of Papua as well as stories with no less than 15 regents / former regents and officials still active, and also based on the results of investigations and monitoring. I write this as a professional investigator who has handled no less than 15 thousand cases in Indonesia.

This paper is my contribution to the common good and improvement (bonum commune).

57 Years of Papua living in misery, hundreds of thousands of Papuans were arrested, tortured, slaughtered and killed based on racial hatred of the black Papuan people and curly hair.

Words that contain verbal violence such as monkeys, apes, and gorillas have long been received by Papuans. Perpetrators are not only ordinary Malay people but also state officials both in Papua and outside. More and more newcomers are behaving racistly and with the segregative attitude toward the people of Papua. Today they showcase the racial and segregative behavior of apartheid, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism which had developed in the past century in Africa, America, and Europe. Today, Indonesia is the only country on earth that has allowed racism to develop not only in the civilian population but also in Government, especially to the Papuan-Melanesians.

Even more ironic is that the intelligence officers, the military, and the police have made the migrants as partners to smooth the politics of occupation in Papua, to collect information, and even actually to form militia forces to hack and kill civilians in Papua.

Intentionally or not, the officers herded migrants who were innocent civilians to try their luck in the land of Papua as a militia group. That is the trigger of the acute hatred of the people of Papua against migrants. So when Papuans are angry and commit violence against migrants, why are the Indonesian people not angry at the officers that lead migrants and innocent civilians do to play in the embers of Papua, which is indeed a conflict area.

Did we ever know that in Wamena, the city center and in other areas HIV / AIDS is growing rapidly, threatening the extinction of the Papuan Melanesian, not because Malay women commercial sex colonizers sell themselves in “lokalisasi”, but because there is no localization, yet they make small huts and migrant restaurants, in “what do you want to eat, raw or cooked meat?” Raw meat means sex, cooked meat means food. That is the illustration if a native Papuan eats. And that was done openly in the center of the city, the authorities also witnessed it without going to prevent or even curb it. We have never witnessed an operation to curb social pathology or operation of justice.

When there were protests by Papuans in urban centers, the authorities often searched Papuans in migrant houses or kiosks and migrant restaurants, even straying bullets towards Papuans. Too many Papuans have died because of this pattern. This method is witnessed by the Papuans because Papua is a small town brightly lit.

All of this is recorded in the memory of the suffering Papuan people. Oral speech spread throughout the Papuans and these modes are widely known. Once again not migrants but migrants led by officials, inevitably “obedient” to participate in the wishes of the state in the name of integration in conflict areas.

But one of the behaviors that are not beautifully exhibited by migrants is when they conflict with Papuans, migrants always ask for or take cover behind the barrel of weapons, they do not follow legal channels, I have never found a migrant sought justice in court against the Papuan people fairly.

Papuans are herded in Togel gambling games everywhere in the cities, they have no more saving for the family because they have finished it playing Togel gambling. While Indonesia has banned gambling firmly, it is still rampant in Papua. The migrants, the Togel bandars, are surrounded by officials. Selling liquor is managed by migrants and accompanied by officials. There is even liquor whose alcohol reaches 40 percent written specifically for Papua.

Did we ever know that illegal mining areas are controlled by migrants, backed by authorities, selling liquor, narcotics and even operating prostitution such as in Degeuwo, Tembagapura, Mamberamo areas, etc? Residents pay gold pieces for liquor or prostitution under pressure and gunpoint.

The authorities are backing migrants to control 3 main sources of Papuan ownership;

1) seizing natural resources by illegal mining, fishing, and extraction of wood.

2). Seizing the economic resources of Papuans in all city centers, the distribution of goods and services is controlled by migrants, economic resources are controlled. Stalls, markets and even public transportation and motorcycle taxis are controlled by migrants. Papuans are only as vegetable sellers on the porch or the roadside. Even then, the nimble mamas, as women do everywhere they dared to make a living and provide enough education for their children. As is common in the world mothers are more militant; Papuan men are locked in to compete so they cannot make ends meet.

3). Depriving the political rights of the people of Papua, deprivation today has penetrated the world of bureaucracy and politics. Newcomers are too hungry for power, they want to be regents, deputies, people’s representatives utilizing bribery, scattering money here, scattering money there, today’s election is almost controlled by migrants. There are regencies whose members of the house of representatives are almost 100% migrants, there are regencies where a family has 7 members in the house of representatives. The police are also marginalized Papuans when recruiting.

Recruitment filled with corruption, collusion, and nepotism.

Recruitment of civil servants in Papua often witness the coming of migrants’ relatives who were born, grew up and went to schools in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi; they were called to join the test in Papua, and with a bribe, they could pass. There was also a graduate of agriculture test who passed as a doctor and was accepted when he was placed in a clinic (puskesmas). It happened in Intan Jaya Regency. This is one mode of taking the land of Papuan by migrants.

If the 3 main sources of life for Papuans are controlled, is there any hope of life for Papuans? The future is certainly bleak. There is no hope of living in their homeland.

Do you know that the regional heads and officials in Papua are held hostage by the contractors and his subordinates who are mostly migrants? The contractors use state officials to smooth the project, even disburse money before the project runs.

The Regent is almost certain to be held hostage by the head of services with large budgets such as Public Works and Finance and has to cooperate with the Police and the District Attorney.

Throughout Papua, the Auditor of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) came or was visited by local officials to bribe the BPK to issue a letter called “finished checking”, once again the letter was named “finished checking” even though the BPK had never checked it. As a result, all the people of Papua are surprised why almost all districts in Papua each year can get the title WTP (Fair Without Exception), robbing public money in large amounts without physical development.

If I may be honest “as is”, then hospitals in Papua have been labeled as “places of death” not human nurseries, not places of life, especially government hospitals including those of the Police, and now Papuans have begun to suspect private hospitals even though they belong to the church. Papuans are very afraid to go to the hospital, they prefer natural remedies. The hospital has long been suspected by Papuans as a place for ethnic Papuan cleansing, on average young mothers who have been hospitalized during pregnancy or after childbirth cannot give birth, some mothers are injected with anti-fertilities without their husbands’ and their consent (maybe asked when experiencing pain during childbirth). So today the average young mothers cannot give birth.

Indeed, the average physical appearance of the building and inside the hospital is very “rotten” even when I see firsthand the water of the faucets in the number one hospital in Papua, the water faucets are dead a week. Even though water is vital, the water of life without human water must die, especially in hospitals. Indeed, in this world, medical personnel and medics are special / they are God’s representatives in the world, but for Papua, the assessment is different. It is an old saga. One indicator of the threat of Papuans, in particular, is the increasing ratio of maternal and child mortality because until this moment there are no maternal and child hospitals throughout Papua. In contrast to outside Papua, each district has a mother and child hospital even more than one.

Not only hospitals, Papuans today have lost respect for priests, priests especially Kiai, have long lost the prophetic voice in the land of Papua Melanesia. The church becomes an instrument of authority, a tool of the mysterious clique. Add God who defends the Papuans die suddenly in the interior, facing a gun barrel.

In remote areas of the island, they often sell expired items: biscuits, sardines, noodles, etc. People do not understand because they are uneducated and, as a result, many people get sick and die.

One of the crimes of migrants in Papua is that Papuans are forced to convert to Islam. Many modes have been found. In Wamena, an officer herded a village under gunpoint and took some students to convert to a religion that is not a religion. In several areas, migrants take children with the argument of being foster parents or educating them, to be sent to some Islamic boarding schools and become converts.

There is no law in Papua, no justice before the law for Papuans. Justice only applies to those who are migrants. Unless Papuans pay a “bribe” to a judge. Papuans who are young and quick can get a court decision and a copy of the decision in a matter of days, while poor Papuans find it difficult to get justice. Nearly 58 years the court has sentenced non-Papuans or police officers, I have never seen and read one document of the police being jailed for torturing and killing (Extra Judicial Killing).

All the groans lament, the sadness of the Papuans are silenced in the hearts of the people of Papua. The Papuan people have no room for expression, the mass media is silenced as a propaganda tool for the authorities and migrants. Civil society organizations and political parties as instruments of articulation of the interests of the people of Papua are silenced, freedom of expression is limited. As a result, what happened today was the explosion of the tip of the iceberg that had frozen for so long. That is what is not understood by the state and the people of Indonesia.

The Nation (Inter-Ethnic and Religious National Leaders) should find a solution to the problem of Papua in a dignified and more progressive manner, not in favor of military repression in Papua. If you ask for a military operation, then you don’t need to ask because 58 years of military operations have taken place, the people of Papua are living every day under threat in their bloody land.

I have to be honest to say that we are two different races namely the Melanesian Negro Race and the Malay Mongoloid Race. Like Oil and Water, it will never be able to unite unless racism, Papuan phobia, and discrimination are eliminated from this country and it seems impossible because discrimination in this country is already too acute.

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Pak Rektor , saya sbg salah satu alumni UGM merasa perlu menyampaikan catatan secara terbuka dalam konteks penolakan anda terhadap Ustadz Abdul Shomad (UAS) yg diundang BEM/KM UGM untuk menyampaikan ceramahnya. Yang menurut saya ceramah itu gak berbeda dengan seminar.

Dengan demikian respon Rektor yang menolak acara tersebut sangat kontradiktif dengan tradisi intelektualitas Kampus. Dengan penolakan ceramah UAS , berarti UGM tdk demokratis. Yang selama ini azas demokrasi adalah paham sekaligus strategi yg dijunjung tinggi oleh UGM.

Kalau yang terjadi justru penolakan terhadap salah satu “diksi” Ilmiah, pertanyaan selanjutnya adalah dimana posisi strategis UGM yg katanya sebagai salah satu Universitas “Center of excellent” Indonesia ? Dengan kejadian ini hanya akan menunjukkan bahwa Civitas Academica UGM beserta para Alumninya hanya sekelas dengan gerombolan “taklid buta” dan tidak siap beradu argumentasi dengan ulama sekelas UAS ! Rektor UGM tampak kecil dng “tragedi” ini ! Lembaga ilmiah ternyata kalah dengan kekuatan politik ! Artinya kadar intelektual yg mestinya independen telah di injak injak oleh hegemoni politik !

Kejadian ini hakekatnya merupakan musibah dan lambang keruntuhan dinamika ilmiah di Indonesia !

Dan lebih dari itu sikap “insist” seperti ini gak ber beda dengan era ORBA !

Katanya era Jkw adalah “anti thesa” ORBA ? Mana faktanya ?

Sebagai seorang alumni Fakultas Teknik UGM dan sbg seorang Muslim saya hanya mampu mengucapkan kalimah tarji atas musibah ini : “Innalillahi wa Inna ilaihi roojiuunn !”

Semoga semua ini menjadi bahan muhasabah bagi para alumninya yg masih menjunjung tinggi tradisi intelektual /akademis dan bukan menjadi instrumen kekuatan politik yang mengedepankan target ideologi yang biasanya tidak mempertimbangkan peradaban !

Thanks Prof !


Ahmad Daryoko
Alumni Fakultas Teknik UGM.

CC : Seluruh Civitas Academica dan Alumni UGM yg kebetulan membaca catatan ini.

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Koalisi Ir. Joko Widodo dan Prabowo Subianto dan Gagasan NEGARA KUAT!



Oleh: Natalius Pigai

Presiden Terpilih Ir. Joko Widodo dalam Visi Indoensia 2019-2024 menyatakan bahwa Indoneia Menjadi negara terkuat di dunia. “Kita harus optimistis menatap masa depan! Kita harus percaya diri dan berani menghadapi tantangan kompetisi global. Kita harus yakin bahwa kita bisa menjadi salah satu negara terkuat di dunia”.

Visi Negara kuat sebagaimana disalampaikan dalam Visi Indonesia tersebut di atas sebenarnya telah diutarakan dalam berbagai kesempatan, termasuk penyampaian visi misi calon Presiden Republik Indonesia baik H. Joko Widodo maupun Prabowo Subianto pada saat debat pertama tanggal 17 Januari 2019 dan ke-empat 30 Maret 2019 dan berbagai kesempatan menekankan: “Negara Kuat jika Alutsista maupun Keamanan Dalam Negeri kuat, pentingnya Negara yang kuat, Negara kuat jika Institusi atau Lembaga Negara kuat, demikian pula ditunjang dengan pengelola Negara yang professional, bersih dan berwibawa”. “Bangsa yang kuat, mandiri, berdaulat maka akan dihargai dan dihormati bangsa-bangsa lain termasuk dalam diplomasi”. “Negara yang kuat jika memiliki TNI yang kuat disertai Alat Utama Sistem Persenjataan yang kuat dan modern maka akan disegani bansa lain”. “Keamanan Dalam Negeri terpelihara jika institusi Kepolisian Negara yang kuat”. “Rakyat mendapat keadilan dihadapan hukum, jika institusi Kepolisian terpercaya, bekerja secara independen, profesional, moderen, sejahtera”. Aparat Penegak Hukum (Polisi, Jaksa, Hakim) harus kenyang, sehat dan pintar supaya bekerja profesional, objektif dan imparsial dan menegakan hukum”.

Kalimat pajang tersebut di atas merupakan ringkasan dari sederet ungkapan ide, gagasan Joko Widodo maupun Prabowo Subianto membawa bangsa Indonesia sebagai bangsa yang kuat, pemenang dan keluar dari negara yang terancam gagal (falls of nations). Fals of Nation (Negara Gagal)”. Buku karangan Daren Acemoglu seorang ilmuan Amerika keturunan Turki. Inti dari buku Negara Gagal tersebut berkesimpulan bahwa “Negara Gagal karena sumber daya alam dikuasai sekelompok kecil oligarki, sementara kebijakan politik dan hukum negara berorientasi untuk memperkuat kepentingan sekelompok kecil oligarki ekonomi dan politik tersebut”. Sehebat-hebatnya membangun untuk mengejar ketertinggalan negara lain, tetapi tetap saja menjadi negara miskin dan gagal sebagaimana kesenjangan (gap) antara Amerika Serikat dan Meksiko, Korea Utara dan Korea Selatan, Jerman Barat dan Jerman Timur yang memiliki infrastruktur sama, namun label sebagai negara gagal tetap melekat di Meksiko, Korea Utara dan Jerman Timur sebelum reunifikasi. Oleh karena itu, Presiden Joko Widodo pada periode ke-2 (2019-2024) perioritas pembangunan pada sumber daya manusia sudah tepat.

Memang benar bahwa apapun yang dilakukan pemimpin bangsa ini tentu mempertimbangkan “kepentingan inti negara Indonesia” (core of national interest) yaitu; sesungguhnya negara yang maju dan berkembang berada pada penguatan hukum untuk mengatur ketertiban, keamanan dan rasa keadilan bagi rakyat”. Kepolisian, Kejaksaan dan Kehakiman sebagai lembaga penegak hukum yang berada diberanda depan dalam sistem peradilan pidana (criminal justice system) tentu menjadi pilar terpenting bagi negara ini.

Jika membaca pandangan dan hati nurani Presiden Joko Widodo maupun Jenderal Prabowo Subianto sebagai pemimpin bangsa ini sebenarnya mau menunjukkan ada optimisme dibalik tekanan liberal terbawa bangsa Indonesia tersandera dalam ancaman penetrasi kapital, hegemoni politik negara lain. Akibatnya negara makin tidak berwibawa karena perilaku kurang elok; kebocoran keuangan negara, korupsi merajalela, memperdagangkan pengaruh, jual beli jabatan yang justru dilakukan oleh orang-orang yang melingkari istana, pusat kekuasaan negara sejak jaman orde baru hingga saat ini.

Visi Indonesia yang disampaikan oleh Joko Widodo sudah mulai membuka kran demokrasi untuk tidak akan menyandera pilar-pilar demokrasi, hak asasi manusia, perdamain dan keadilan melalui instrumen demokrasi yaitu partai politik, media massa, lembaga penegak hukum. Bangsa ini tidak boleh mengalami distorsi arah dan gradasi nilai-nilai konstitusi dan landasan idil. Pada periode kedua Pemerintahan mesti berkomitmen agar rakyat bisa artikulasikan keinginan, rintian, ratapan, penderitaan, kebebasan ekspresi, pendapat, pikiran dan perasaan. Untuk menjaga kebebasan sipil terpelihara maka pucuk pimpinan lembaga yang menangani bidang politik, hukum dan hak asasi manusia haruslah orang yang profesional tetapi juga demokratis.

Dirahapkan pada masa yang akan datang pemimpin negara tentu bukan tipe pemimpin yang suka berdebat, berwacana dan bangsa ini beruntun seandainya Prabowo dan Jokowi berkoalisi maka 2 pemimpin yang kuat bertemu untuk membangun bangsa dan negara.

Kita berharap kedua pemimpin akan mampu Membangun bangsa berbudaya literasi dengan tidak bermain kata-kata gimik atau bahkan menyerang pribadi lawan politik. Berdiam tidak berarti apatis terhadap negara, berdiam sembari mengarahkan pemerintah berkerja sungguh-sungguh demi rakyat, bangsa dan negara. Harus dipahami bahwa situasi saat ini telah menyebabkan kerusakan fundamental soal integrasi sosial dan ancaman integrasi nasional karena itu membangun kekuatan bersama untuk pemantapan integrasi sosial dan politik.

Kebhinekaan bangsa dalam kurun waktu 5 tahun berada di titik nadir, bangunan sosial terancam pecah karena ketidakharmonisan dan fragmentasi antar horisontal juga vertikal. Rasisme, diskriminasi, kekerasan verbal yang didorong atas rasa kebencian Suku, Agama, Ras dan Antar Golongan, pendatang dan pribumi adalah kosa kata yang saban hari menghiasi media massa, media sosial, media maintream dan juga dalam komunikasi interpersonal.

Sewaktu waktu di pangung resmi, baik di media, seminar, juga berbagai tempat pemerintah seringkali menyampaikan bahwa kebinekaan bangsa Indonesia adalah suatu wahyu, titah yang tertulis sebagai adagium persatuan dan kesatuan, kebinekaan bangsa sudah final dan mengikat sanubari tiap orang. Menjamurnya beraneka etnik, ras, budaya harus diterima sebagai kondisi kekinian, realitas bangsa bahkan keanekaragaman adalah suatu niscaya. Semua terlindung dalam konstitusi negara dan landasan ideologi Pancasila. Itulah inti negara kuat karena fondasinya bersatu padu dalam beraneka.

Negara harus memastikan bahwa rakyat tidak terlalu terjebak dalam sektarianisme, eksklusivisme yang naif dan bahkan chauvinistik seakan-akan ada yang mengklaim sebagai pemilik negeri ini, klaim diri sebagai pahlawan, nasionalis, bahkan bahkan personifikasi diri sebagai nasionalis, sedangkan suku bangsa lain di nusantara dan kaum minoritas lain dianggap bukan pejuang dan pahlawan. Membangun bangsa dengan tanggung renteng untuk memantapkan bangsa yang kuat.

Barangkali tidak lupa bahwa perjuangan bangsa Indonesia dilakukan secara sporadis, berjuang sendiri-sendiri di wilayahnya masing-masing dengan tujuan yang sama yaitu mengusir penjajah. Diponegoro tidak pernah memimpin perang dari Sabang sampai Merauke, tapi hanya wilayah Jawa Tengah. Laksamana Malahayati berjuang hanya di Aceh, Sisingamangaraja berjuang di Tanah Batak, demikian pula pahlawan Patimura hanya di Ambon dan lain-lain tetapi memliki keinginan yang sama yaitu Indonesia lepas dari belenggu penjajah.

Presiden Joko Widodo maupun Prabowo Subianto paham sejarah bahwa kemerdekaan Indonesia juga diperjuangkan semua orang, diraih karena adanya dikontribusi juga oleh tujuh orang pahlawan keturunan Cina; Jhon Lie, Koen Hian anggota BPUPKI dan lain lain, keturunan Arab; Baswedan dan lain lain, bahkan juga keturunan barat Belanda yang kita sebut penjajah seperti “Ijon Jambi” tokoh kopasus. Pahlawan besar beragama Katolik di Jawa Tengah tidak bisa diragukan lagi, nama-nama besar seperti Jos Sudarso, Adi Sutjipto, Adi Marmo, Slamet Riyadi, I.J Kasimo, dan lain lain. Kalau demikian apakah kita harus menafikan nama dan peran mereka dalam eksistensi Republik ini?. Tentu saja tidak karena bangsa ini terikat dalam adagium unitarianisme yaitu “Bhineka Tunggal Ika”. Cara pandang tentang kebangsaan ini tercermin pada Joko Widodo dan Prabowo Subianto.

Itulah ide, gagasan dan harapan Indonesia negara kuat dalam Pemeintahan Presiden Ir. Joko Widodo dan Maruf Amin 2019-2024 yang saya pahami dan analisis. Silakan rakyat ikut memberi dukungan tanpa mengoreksi untuk mengisi ruang-ruang kosong yang tidak diisi negara, dan kita jangan lupa bahwa dunia sedang mengalami perubahan (progress), bukan kemunduran (regress), kita bisa berubah jika ada hasrat untuk berubah (willingness to change).

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